Ms. Ayres has been a central player in the International Energy Transition. As both a Director and Advisor, she has pioneered sustainable strategies with a focus on ESG, Innovation, Climate, and Governance.


  • I am an American business woman, now based in Milan, with decades of experience working with international businesses in forging new partnerships across the private and public sectors.
  • My approach is to help companies transform obstacles into opportunities, leverage strengths and confront vulnerabilities, so they are well positioned to achieve their goals.
  • Having dedicated my career to work on the nexus of energy and environment in both the US and Europe, I now serve on the Steering Committee of Chapter Zero Italy, the World Economic Forum’s Climate Governance Initiative (CGI). It’s goal is to equip Boards of Directors to engage effectively in the climate challenge and determine how their companies can best contribute to achieving the EU’s target of net-zero emissions. 

“A critical component of success is the ability to execute a strategy which connects compelling ideas to influential stakeholders and, most importantly, engages them in driving towards desired outcomes.”


Others often describe my work as bridge building: making essential connections between companies and regulators, executive teams and investors, corporate leaders and stakeholders, competitors and allies, tradition and innovation.


A love of the arts—music, painting, theatre, and literature—has enriched my life as an executive, entrepreneur and Director. I believe that the arts are the full expression of humanity, culture and civil society, with the power to animate both work and play.